Anatomical MRI Calibration

MRI Phantom

Scanning in non-characterized or uncalibrated MR imaging devices can introduce distortions and imaging errors into your studies.
    VSFC Consultants provide digital image correction solutions for all your MR imaging needs. We are also the exclusive manufacturer of high quality research proven MR brick phantoms. These economical phantoms can be used to correct distortions and validate MR acquisition.

Software Development

The software requirements of every research site is unique. Projects may quickly outgrow the abilities of their original software, requiring the development of specialized software packages.
    At VSFC Consultants, we offer a wide range of custom software development and configuration services tailored to your projects, focusing on image processing and data quantification applications.

System Management

Medical imaging processing systems have special network and computer needs that cannot be managed like standard IT systems.
    We provide robust and scalable technology integration and system management services for academic medical imaging research. VSFC Consultants offer different levels system management services. Please contact us to discuss the services needed at your research site.