VSFC Consultants

Specialists in Medical Imaging and Image Processing


We offer a wide range of medical image processing services for in anatomical image correction, quality assurance, and validation. Our processing speciality is in multimodal MR imaging, but we are also experienced in CT and ultrasound image, and histological image processing.

We also provide custom software development services and systems integration solutions for our clients in order to optimize research productivity and simplify analytical workflow.


We offer products for use in imageĀ  anatomical MRI image correction quality assurance, and validation.

VSFC Consultants is also the manufacturer of the research-proven and highly adaptable Brick Phantom.


VSFC Consultants Inc. is a full service medical consulting company located in Montreal, Canada. We provide a wide range of professional medical imaging and software solutions for medical research. Our clients include well known hospitals and research institutes in the United States, Canada, and world-wide.

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Please contact us by email at: info@vsfc.ca

We will response to all enquiries regarding our products and services promptly.